Evolve – new details, four classes, AI wildlife, open environments and more

Full list below the cover, it’s info from the new issue of Game Informer


  • Game is in development for three years
  • Turtle Rock has around 75 employers
  • Very lush and large outdoor enviroments
  • Lots of AI wildlife
  • Monster evolves by eating the wildlife
  • Share’s a portion of the story, says it isn’t the focus
  • Only shows hunt mode
  • Monster wins if incapacitates or kills all 4 players at the same time / Hunters wins by killing the monster
  • Incapacitated hunters can be revived for a short amount of time
  • Dead hunters are brought back after 2 minutes by a dropship
  • Dropship also brings any player that dies in the 2 minutes interval
  • The monster can also win by completing an objective after getting to final form
  • The objective on the level shown was destroying an barrier and killing some civilians
  • Weapons have unlimited ammo, balanced by magazine sizes/cooldown
  • Automatically runs if not shooting
  • Four classes of hunters Medic, Assault, Support and Trapper
  • Assault focus is to deal damage, also have a personal shield
  • Medic has an area of effect health burst
  • Support role is to improve the ability of other classes
  • Trapper has an mobile arena that can trap the monster
  • Medic is called Val, has an medgun that heals and revives players
  • Also have a tranquilizer gun that highlight and slow the monster
  • For offensive the medic has an sniper rifle, that double the damage where it hits
  • Assault called Markov, comes with proximity mines and two weapons
  • Assault rifle for long range and lightning rifle for close combat
  • Support is named Hank, has an laser canon for calling orbital barrages, which limitates the monster moviments
  • Also has an shield projector to use on other players
  • Trapper called Griffin, has an harpoon gun that stops the monster going forward
  • Also has a submachine gun and sound spikes
  • Trapper is the most advanced class
  • All classes have an jetpack
  • Double tapping the jetpack button performs an dodge
  • Turtle Rock says that there will be more kinds of each class, with different equipment
  • Trapper with harpoon mine used as example
  • Monster is called Goliath, hybrid of ape, snake and xenomorph
  • At the final stage is over 30 feet tall, and is a lot more powerfull
  • At the start can use basic punch attack, leap long distances and climb walls
  • Has 4 special abilities, can choose 2 at level 1, gets one more at each level
  • Charge Attack, Leap Attack, Rock Throw, Fire Breath
  • Some wildlife are as big and dangerous as Goliath
  • Can gain armor and evolves by eating other animals
  • Enters an cocoon to evolve, is vulnerable in this stage
  • Running leaves footprints behind, carcasses attracts birds, leaping causes lots of noise and scares the wildlife
  • Can also move slowly for stealth
  • Plenty of other monsters, Goliath is the most basic one
  • Players can loot perks by killing the special wildlife
  • Matches by GameInformer took around 15-10 min each

As big as Goliath, only attacks when provoked

Trap Jaws
Kinda like an Dog x Dinosaur, is weak alone but can be dangerous in a pack

Emits sounds if you get close, usefull for hunters

Carnivorous Plants
Devours anything close, if an hunter is caught by it will need help to escape

Source and images: NEOGaf



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