FTL: Advanced Edition is coming with a new Clone Bay, hacking drones and other space oddities

Subset Games has finally refreshed the official FTL: Advanced Edition site with a bunch of new information about the upcoming free expansion


Short list below, far more details are available on the official site. FTL: Advanced Edition should release in ‘early 2014’.

New Systems & Subsystems:

  • Clone Bay is an alternative to the Medbay. Whenever a crew member dies, a clone is generated to replace them at the cost of losing some of their skills.
  • Hacking – At the cost of a drone part, the system allows you to launch a hacking drone that attaches to a chosen system on the enemy vessel.

Mind Control – The Mind Control system temporarily turns a single enemy into an ally.

Miscellaneous Additions:

  • Visual Improvements
  • Hard Mode – More challenging enemy generation, lower scrap rewards, and other small tweaks should help keep the game interesting for anyone who might be bored of Normal

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