State of Decay expansion Lifeline explores the military side of the zombie apocalypse

The military is made up of many good men and women who stand on the line that divides safety and civilization from chaos and war. And zombies.

Undead Labs decided to shed some light on the next expansion for the zombie infested world of State of Decay on the official blog. Here’s the brief:

  • You control Greyhound One — a small surviving unit that has been sent to the fallen city of Danforth to rescue scientists whose research is critical to fighting the outbreak.
  • Instead of starting with nothing, and slowly building yourself up into a post-apocalyptic powerhouse, you start the game as a well-equipped, well-supported military unit
  • One of your first imperatives is to secure the Landing Zone where you can receive supply drops and extract civilians.
  • You have minefields and defenses to build and upgrade.
  • Off-map artillery to call in.
  • Well-trained soldiers who will guard weak points and respond to zombie threats.
  • A stock of military-grade weaponry to use from several commanding positions.

The zombie carnage in the Lifeline expansion expands further with a whole new map named Danforth. Unfortunately, the release date is not yet confirmed.



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