Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal trailer, the mini-expansion is out March 5th

Below the trailer there’s a list of features coming with Sacrifice of the Vaal. According to the official site, from now on, a new Path of Exile mini-expansion is expected every four months.

  • While most of the Sacrifice of the Vaal content is layered throughout the entire Path of Exile experience, the final encounter with Queen Atziri and her minions is designed for high-level characters and requires a lot of skill to complete.
  • In order to gain access to Atziri’s lair, you must collect fragments from Vaal-influenced areas throughout Wraeclast.
  • there are multiple sets of deadly bosses to fight through before you face Queen Atziri herself.
  • Vaal-influenced secret areas have magical properties, similar to end-game maps, which substantially increase their difficulty. At the heart of each corrupted area is a new boss monster, guarding a chest that is guaranteed to drop a Vaal Skill Gem or Vaal Fragment.
  • Vaal Skill Gems charge up as you kill enemies and can be unleashed for a devastating effect.
  • Vaal Orbs – corrupting an item with Vaal Orbs can yield unpredictable and powerful results, it also prevents later modification to the item.
  • Corruption is currently the only way to obtain white sockets, certain implicit mods, gems with level or quality higher than 20, maps with eight mods, and various other exotic item states.
  • New Challenge Leagues – Ambush and Invasion
  • over 60 new boss monsters
  • New PvP Modes – Cut-throat and Sarn Arena
  • The first 50 players in each of the new challenge leagues to kill Atziri and the other bosses on her special level will receive an exclusive cosmetic microtransaction.




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