And this is how you dock a ship in Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous Alpha Phase 3.0 is live. You guessed it, it features docking. Please listen to the nice lady from the Docking Tutorial trailer below and learn how to land a spaceship properly.

And just for comparison, here is the notoriously difficult (and slightly less masterfully performed) docking sequence from the original Elite.

Elite: Dangerous Alpha phases 1.0 and 2.0 served as a proving ground for multiplayer technology and moment combat gameplay. Alpha Phase 3.0 comes with docking but also a ship outfitting feature. Here’s a quote:

Ship upgrades include modules such as heat sinks and cargo scanners, a variety of weapons, and extend to the repair of any damage sustained in combat. They can also clear bounties and, once they have earned enough credits, even purchase a firm favourite from the Falcon de Lacy shipyards, and one of the most notorious ships in the galaxy – the Cobra Mk III.

Elite: Dangerous is a space trading combat simulator currently in development by Frontier Developments. The release on PC’s worldwide should happen during the year, but no exact date is set.


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