League of Legends – Ultra Rapid Fire mode is live for a single week

“The future of League of Legends is Ultra Rapid Fire and the future is right now“, says Riot Games.

Basically, the new (and CUH-RAY-ZEE) game mode started as an April Fools’ Day prank, but apparently Riot decided to let the thing go live for a single week. Some Ultra Rapid Fire features below, or in the video above. Full notes available on the official site. Oh yeah, it seems that Ultra Rapid Fire is set to go live permanently next LoL preseason.

Ultra Rapid Fire:

  • Every champion begins the game with 80% cooldown reduction on abilities, activated items and summoner spells
  • Casting spells is fun, but running out of mana isn’t, so mana and energy costs have been removed
  • Marksmen could dole out tons more damage, so attack speed bonuses for ranged champions have been doubled

There are a lot of changes here, but the core philosophy is to tune down anti-fun mechanics like mana costs, cooldowns and buying boots. Some of our other updates (like the additional tenacity) were to counterbalance our initial wave of changes, because when you eliminate cooldowns you also increase crowd control… a lot. We also discovered that when spells can be cast all the time, they effectively become flashier auto attacks, so we needed to buff up marksmen so they can remain the consistent damage dealers of the game.



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