River Town – farming RPG meets soap opera on Kickstarter

An indie studio called Tweense just launched a Kickstarter campaign for River Town, a game that looks something like Harvest Moon and The Sims had a baby.


In short: it’s super colorful, cute and has a hilariously catchy soundtrack. Also, it seems to have some depth to it too. Apparently, the game provides players with an option to create their own script and alter the course of their adventures. The people behind the game say that: “River Town is pretty much like one big Novella or Soap Opera. You never know who is who and what happens next.” Here’s the premise:

The premise of River Town involves a young man who has become disenchanted with modern economic life. He decides to leave everything behind and live on a farm on his own terms. In this game the players will get the opportunity to possess a farm and choose the types of animals and crops they want to keep in the farm. The main objective of this game is to provide a unique farming and social experience. The best thing about this game is that the players can create their own scripts and decide what they want to happen. Player can interact with villagers in different ways, which may either build or destroy the reputation, just like in every town.

River Town is in the works for PC, Mac, Linux and iOS and Android devices. The release date is currently unknown. Anyway, more info is available through the Kickstarter link up above, or on the River Town Steam Greenlight page.



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