Outcast Reboot HD is on Kickstarer

The original Outcast was released in 1999 and is one of the first 3D games to offer non-linear gameplay, free-roaming environments and other stuff we take for granted now.

More info on Outcast Reboot HD is available on Kickstarter, a couple of features below:

Outcast HD features:

  • All objects, textures, environments and characters entirely remade from scratch in hi-definition.
  • Targets 1080p @ 60fps, and supports beyond HD
  • Enhanced adventure:
    . Annoying story bugs removed
    . Improved HUD
    . Improved inventory
    . Improved notepad
    . Improved dialog interface
  • New Cutter locomotion, control and animations
  • New camera control
  • Xbox and PS4 controller (and other compatible) support on Windows

Outcast HD is developed by Fresh3D and is expected to release late 2015 on PC, Mac and potentially next-gen consoles.



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