Flockers hits Steam Early Access on May 6

List of its Early Access features below


  • Instant access – Play Flockers right now! Twenty-five levels are available immediately and we’ll be updating and adding even more during the Early Access period.
  • Create your own levels – We’re including a powerful level creation tool, the “Meat Maker”, that will give you the power to design your own deadly puzzles.
  • Steam Workshop integration – Share your own creations with the community and play challenging levels created by other Flockers players.
  • Discount – Purchase Flockers while it’s in Early Access and pay less than the full release price.
  • Steam Leaderboards – Players can compete against their friends and others in an attempt to get the fastest time on a level and the fastest time in the story mode.
  • Star system – Player performance is assessed via a star rating system encouraging players to perfect each level.
  • The Art of Flockers – This fabulous collection of artwork depicts different elements of the game at different stages of its design from hand-drawn concept sketches through to full production graphics. Includes Flockers wallpaper, available in a variety of resolutions, for you to decorate your desktop with.
  • Digital soundtrack – Enjoy listening to the Flockers soundtrack with the juxtaposition of the flock’s light-hearted naivety set against a backdrop of dark foreboding.

And here are the planned features:

  • Lots more playable content and levels.
  • Steam Achievements – Demonstrate your gaming prowess and show off to your friends by earning Flockers achievements.
  • A third level theme.
  • Twitch support.
  • Physics object creation and sharing – Create your own physics objects, which can then be used to make new contraptions, and share them via Steam Workshop.
  • Normal And Expert Level Completion – Players have two objectives for every level in terms of saving sheep. Achieving the minimum number of sheep needed will allow progression through the game. Saving the maximum number of sheep is far more difficult and a different challenge entirely.
  • Ongoing updates to the Level Editor.

And here’s a trailer where a bunch of sheep get murdered violently


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