Quantum Rush has been greenlit on Steam

To celebrate, the devs put out a pretty big game update which contains quite a number of improvements and some new content.


Quantum Rush is a futuristic action-packed free-to-play online racing game. It reminds me of F-Zero which is always a good thing. To try out the game, hit up the official site, to read all about the new update head here. Some features are below and I’ll go drink my hot tea now, still getting over a bad cold :3

Quantum Rush features:

  • high speed races up to supersonic speeds
  • incredible race tracks with stunning graphics in an SF environment on both the earth and in space, which include crazy fun elements such as loopings, tubes, jumps and more.
  • gun fights with built-in weapon systems and power-ups distributed on the race tracks
  • you can collect defensive, manipulative or offensive pickups during a race, such as shields, mines, rockets and more.
  • a comprehensive system to modify and improve your racer – both visibly and functionally
  • various types of racers with special capabilities produced by three different manufacturers, each having its distinctive strengths and weaknesses
  • an energy and heat management system to optimize your racer performance
  • a tech-tree style research system to improve the features of your racer with research points
  • various customizable skins, engines, boosters, shields, armaments and weapons
  • a training mode for beginners, a normal mode and a racing mode (pure racing without weapons and pickups)
  • great community features for interaction with thousands of other players
  • keyboard and gamepad support
  • intelligent matchmaking system
  • highscore, leaderboard and your personal statistics
  • native speaker support and localization team
  • integrated help, tutorials and support system
  • and more!

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