Cosmic DJ is out on Steam, lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven!

As far as I know, Cosmic DJ does not feature music from the Godspeed You! Black Emperor album referenced in the title. Also, it does not have antennas, but instead ‘Jamtennas’ which I think are supposed to be even better.


Cosmic DJ also has dancing babies, singing puppets, horses with 3D glasses, some more dancing dogs, lots of rainbows, lasers and neon lights and a bunch of other trippy stuff. Here’s the game description:

Cosmic DJ is a quick, “pick-up and play” musical experience about the joy of music creation for budding intergalactic musicians of all skill levels. Set among the stars, you will strive to become the legendary Cosmic DJ through six musical adventures as you’re tasked with repairing the all-important “Jamtennas” and bring harmony back to the galaxy.

And here’s the Announce Trailer:

Via VG247


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