WildStar Head Start is live. Full release on June 3rd

Early access to the much anticipated MMO opened up this Saturday followed by a whole bunch of livestreams on Twitch.


The full release for people who didn’t pre-order the game will start on Tuesday. So far, unlike some other MMORPGs (here’s to Elder Scrolls Online), the WildStar launch went pretty smooth. Some minor login issues happened but that’s to be expected. Even a minor DDoS attack didn’t slow down the good folks at Carbine much at opening up several new servers to accommodate all the new citizens of Nexus.

I believe it’s pretty safe to say that WildStar is at least showing traces of something that might be called a true ‘next-gen’ MMORPG. Speaking from personal experience; it’s not perfect, but the beta of it was thoroughly enjoyable and I truly hope that the game will attract a whole lot of MMO lovers out there.



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