Twin Souls delivers stealth and ninjas

Have you noticed how once genre defining stealth games diluted into less than stellar action games (here’s looking at you, Thief)? Well the people at indie studio Lince Works sure did. Their answer? The cel-shaded world of Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows.


I’m just going to paste a bunch of stuff from the Twin Souls Kickstarter page now:

…Twin Souls reintroduces the concept of ‘3rd person ninja simulator’, a style of gameplay untapped for many years since the original Tenchu series. Compared to newer action games like Assassin’s Creed, Twin Souls wants to dismiss action mechanics in favor of stealth mechanics, the tension of being detected and the feeling of reward you get when finally beating a level without being noticed…

…We envision Twin Souls as the lost child between Tenchu and Portal. You must plan ahead, survey your environment, make a tactical use of your shadows (your dark portals), and use them to assassinate your enemies from unsuspecting angles…

…How you do it is up to you. Maybe you want to use the shadows to evade confrontation and sneak around unnoticed like a ghost; maybe you want to climb to the roofs and get rid of the enemy archers before falling onto the ground patrols from the heights; or maybe you want to use fear tactics and make your enemies panicked, making them kill each other. The choice is yours.

Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows is in the works for PC, Mac and Linux and is coming to Steam and other DRM-free digital outlets with Steam Early Access planned for all Kickstarter backers. Here’s the new Kickstarter trailer for the game and below it some key features:

Key Features:

  • Story driven single-player campaign – Besides having some awesome stealth mechanics and powers, we also want to deliver a solid campaign, with an interesting story and characters and memorable scenarios.
  • Old School Stealth – Your enemies are lethal and direct confrontation is not an option. Survey the scenario, plan your approach and sneak around your enemies. Be the hunter, not the hunted.
  • Stealth Kills – Assassinate your opponents from every possible angle. Stab them from behind, fall upon them from a roof or ceiling, jump out of a shadow on the wall, grab them as you climb a ledge, feed them to the shadows with your powers or even make them kill each other in panic.
  • Choose Your Play-Style – Each situation has different possible approaches. Will you be the merciless emissary of death? Or maybe an undetectable ghost? Twin Souls won’t force you to kill your enemies, nor will it penalize you for doing it. Both approaches to violence are valid.
  • Shadow Powers – You have an array of Shadow Powers at your disposal. Create areas of darkness to get tactical advantage, use your Shadow Leap to move instantly between any two shadows, feed the bodies of your enemies to the shadows and leave no trace, summon a Shadow Clone to distract and confuse your enemies.
  • Light Powers – Your foes are not helpless, they can manipulate light to create moving light sources, cast light barriers, shoot incendiary arrows, launch barrages of light from their weapons and imbue their armors with resplendent light.
  • Scenario Playgrounds – Each scenario in Twin Souls is designed to enable different routes of approach.
  • Verticality – Survey you hunting grounds from the heights; fall upon your enemies with full force.
  • Replayability – Replay each scenario to improve your performance score. Depending on your play-style you will get different outcomes, which will affect the world of Twin Souls and the story events.
  • Complex Storyline – Not everything in Twin Souls is as simple as it seems. The characters’ past interconnects in different timelines, and every step you take uncovers a bit more about them.
  • Original Soundtrack – A complete and astonishing original soundtrack (and SFX) composed by Two Feathers studio.
  • Controller Support – Support for Xbox360 controller and gamepads.
  • Multiplatform Windows, Mac and Linux systems.



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