Former The Last Guardian artists form new studio and announce two new projects

Also set record for longest title on this site. Anyway, the new Tokyo based studio is called Friend & Foe and the games are called Vane and Dangerous Men.

These dudes are pretty seasoned veterans, having worked on games like The Last Guardian, Killzone, Bionic Commando, Battlefield 3 and others. For more info head to the official site. Right now, I’m just gonna share a tiny bit of vague info about Vane and then Dangerous Men.


Vane is a single player game about exploring a world and it’s mysteries, about unraveling the forces behind this strange land. As such we will have to balance some story reveals here and there to keep you interested without spoiling too much, so apologies in advance if things sometimes are a little vaguer than you’d like – it’s our goal to be as forthcoming about the game as possible without ruining things.

Vane is coming to PC and probably PlayStation 4. Eventually. The release date is not known.


Dangerous Men

Two cops, one city and tons of explosions! Dangerous Men is an action arcade game based on 80’s buddy cop movies, featuring a city-wide explosionfest as detectives Mendoza & InsertNameHere literally jump from explosion to explosion to clear the city of the Punk Gang menace.

Release date, platforms and all that stuff – to be



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