PlayStation TV may be a small platform, but it’s got a big PlayStation heart

Ain’t that precious. I wish I watched TV. Or played a game console. Because PlayStation TV is a pretty neat little thing.


On October 14 (November 14 in Europe), you can pick up a PS TV starting at $99.99 for the standalone system, or $139.99 for the bundle that includes a Wireless Controller (DualShock 3), 8GB memory card, and The LEGO Movie Videogame. For a limited time, you can find an exclusive PS TV bundle at Walmart, which comes with everything in the PS TV bundle plus Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, also for $139.99.

So if you want to stream your PS games on your brand new (non-Sony) HDTV, PlayStation TV is perfect. It’s gonna have more than 700 games covering the following Sony platforms:
PlayStation Vita – PS TV plays select titles from PS Vita, which can either be downloaded to the device or inserted directly into the system using a PS Vita card.
PlayStation Classics – Download classic games from PS One and PlayStation Portable, like Wipeout and Metal Gear Solid.
PlayStation 3 – Our game streaming service PS Now is coming to PS TV, which will let you play many PS3 games on the device over the Internet*.
PlayStation 4 – If you’re a PS4 owner, use Remote Play to stream a remote play enabled PS4 game from your console to a PS TV over a wired internet connection. If the living room is tied up, just use Remote Play to send your PS4 game up to the bedroom and keep playing on PS TV.

Obviously, this is why Sony bought the Gaikai streaming platform. More info on the new PlayStation micro console is available here.


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