Titan MMO is no more, says Blizzard

After seven years of work, Blizzard has decided to cancel Project Titan, their MMORPG followup to World of Warcraft.


Simple as that. There’s a lot of fluff here, such as “it’s being re-imagined” etc., but basically, Blizzard decided to reconsider because of success of their “smaller” games like Hearthstone and, supposedly, Heroes of the Storm, their MOBA project. Simply put, there’s way too much baggage that comes with making a “sequel” to something as huge, influential and successful as World of Warcraft, and Blizz just decided to go fuck this, let’s make other games. It just took them seven (7) years to realize it.

RIP Titan, let’s hope for something more interesting than another fucking MMORPG from Blizzard. Best of luck to them!


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